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Willkommen International Foreign Language Competition

Willkommen -2023 (英語,法語和德語的國際競賽)


Willkommen 2023 – 初賽現已接受報名

報名截止日期:2023 年 2 月 20 日

  • 初賽(第一輪):2023 年 3 月 4 日 (星期六)

參加對象:所有對英語、法語和德語語言感興趣的學生都可以報名參加。 (英語、法語和德語不是母語的學生)


特別獨家優惠**如果在 2023 年 2 月 20 日或之前同時報名參加 Willkommen 和 HIPPO (原價每項為HK$170),則兩項比賽的費用為 310港元 (每項為HK$155)


比賽形式:紙本 (只供學校) /網上



2023 HIPPO English Olympiad (國際英語奧林匹克競賽)

Willkommen is an international competition in English, French and German, which is being implemented in Asian countries as well as the rest of Europe, with the tendency of including other languages. Thus far, over 30,000 participants have taken part in the competition.The tests were conducted in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF) and adapted to the learning years of primary and secondary school students. 


Benefits of participating in the Willkommen foreign language competition :

參加 Willkommen 的好處:


  • Popularize foreign language learning 普及外語學習

  • Raise awareness of the importance of a multicultural society 提高對多元文化社會重要性的認識

  • This is a rare international competition involving multilingual testing 這是一場罕見的涉及多語言測試的國際比賽

  • - Motivate students to further improve their language skills and skills 激勵學生進一步提高他們的語言技能和技能

  • It includes Listening, Reading, use of English and Writing 它包括聽力、閱讀、英語運用和寫作

  • Available for students in Hong Kong and Macau from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools 適用於港澳地區幼稚園、中小學學生

  • Supported by Pearson 由Pearson支持

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