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FISO (Future Intelligence Student Olympiad Competition)

USA: STEAM - English、Mathematics、 Science、 Art、Physic、Chemistry & Biology

There are nearly 30 countries/regions participating from Nigeria, Romania, UK, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Mozambique, Thailand, Russia, Mongolia, etc.

Aiming to encourage students to study and critical thinking. FISO community decided to conduct a Olympiad of FISO with subjects of Mathematics, English language, Art, Science, Physic, Chemsitry and Biology worldwide, with intention of to boost the motivation of both teachers and students who have been bored, lost goal-oriented character and stimulus for study under this difficult global pandemic times, when most of the Olympiads and competitions are forced to be canceled or postponed until unknown time. FISO Olympiad team also hopes this competition will help all types of schools to keep their students engaged and to observe their STEM education and languages in an international arena.

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