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News and Events

Miss Man International Education collaborates with various partners such as schools, social enterprises, and educational institutions to organize a wide range of activities including workshops, training programs, lectures, and co-hosted competitions. We are now bringing you the latest updates and events.

School Lecture

We are delighted to share the #Australian English language teaching methods with Peidao Elementary School. We also hope that schools in the Asian region can adopt diverse teaching approaches that capitalize on their own strengths, such as school facilities, resources, teaching materials, and computer technology, to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

School lecture.jpeg

Teacher training

We were thrilled to share our presentation on "The Importance of Various Teaching Strategies in the 21st Century Classroom" with Pooi To Middle School.

We explored different teaching methodologies and showcased real case examples from schools, highlighting the incredible impact of these strategies.

But that's not all! We also demonstrated our cutting-edge AI tool, designed to empower teachers and revolutionize their classroom practices.

Contact us at to schedule an exclusive session at your school. Let's embrace the future of education together!

teacher training.jpeg

Thank you for Mr. Patrick Yau, Regional Head, The Trade and Technology Board of the Government of Ireland, letter encouraging schools and students to join the competition. Your support means a lot to us!

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