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(ADEPT 促進多元化智能發展及菁英比賽(社企))

Achievement in Diverse Educational Progress and Talent Competition  (ADEPT) is established by the professional educator team from Australia,  Hong Kong and Macau.  This competition can connect the students and schools in the World, and help them to develop their soft skills with ability in each subject. ADEPT refers to someone who is highly skilled, proficient, or accomplished in a particular field or area of expertise. 

Our vision of the term of “ADEPT”: 

Achievement: It signifies the recognition of exceptional achievements.


Diverse: It highlights the inclusion of various areas, approaches, or aspects related to educational progress and talent.


Educational Progress:  It encompasses achievements in academic performance, learning outcomes, teaching methodologies, or any other aspect related to educational growth and improvement.


Talent: Talent signifies exceptional abilities, skills, or aptitudes in specific areas.


Therefore, "Achievement in Diverse Educational Progress and Talent Competition" refers to a competitive platform that celebrates exceptional achievements across diverse areas of educational progress and talent, providing participants with an opportunity to showcase their skills, learn from others, and compete for recognition and rewards.

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