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FISO USA Representative speech

FISO 2023/2024
(Future Intelligence Students Olympiad)

The Future Intelligence Students Olympiad (FISO) is an international Olympiad based in the USA, aimed at encouraging students to study and develop critical thinking skills. The FISO Olympiad team decided to conduct an Olympiad of FISO English, Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Reasoning & logic, Astronomy, IT, and Visual Art for students to boost the motivation of both

teachers and students who have been bored, lost goal-oriented character and stimulus for study. The FISO Olympiad team also hopes this competition will help all types of schools to keep their students engaged and to observe their Mathematics, English, Science, STEM and Art education in an international arena.

The FISO Olympiad includes several events, such as the National Round, the International Round, the BISO (Brilliance Intelligence Students Olympiad), and the Global Round (June 2024 in Dubai).

The overall goals of FISO include capturing and retaining the interest of students in the aforementioned subjects, fostering a

sense of accomplishment and pride in outstanding intellectual performance, enhancing student self-esteem, and strengthen-

ing the students’ spirit. Overall, FISO had participation from more than 33 countries with over 25k+ students participating in the Olympiad.

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FISO Award Ceremony 2023/2024
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