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IMEC 2024
(International Mathematics Olympiad)

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IMEC (International Mathematics Olympiad) is from the UK, nearly 30 countries and regions such as UK, US, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam (and so on) participate in IMEC every year. Miss Man Education is so delighted and proudly represents IMEC in order to bring more global questions and challenges to our students and schools in Hong Kong and Macau. The Olympiad will be in two rounds (Preliminary round and Final round). Students in the pre-selection will be eligible to participate in the Final Round. The key competence tested by IMEC is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas.

1. Encouraging students of KG and grades 1-11 (P1-6, S1-12) in striving for excellence in
2. Contributing to the continuous professional development efforts for improving the skills-base of
in-service teachers of mathematics;
3. Building confidence among students;
4. Promoting international mindedness among students;
5. To make students think in an out-of-box concept
6. To help schools to sustain their students energetic and purposeful

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