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Our Mission

The world is running at a fast pace, and technology, computers, and other advancements
are constantly changing. With the progress of computer technology, the world is becoming
more interconnected. Our students need to learn different skills and adapt to future
changes with innovation. In light of this, Miss Man International Education believes in
bringing more science and computer-related competitions and assessments in the STEAM
series from around the world to schools and students. Additionally, to support the
development of students' soft skills and language abilities, we have also introduced
competitions in Chinese, English, phonics, reasoning, music, visual arts, and more. These
competitions allow students to develop themselves and showcase their talents. We hope
that students can break boundaries, communicate and exchange ideas with students from
around the world, and unleash their unlimited potential!

International Competitions and Assessments Partners

We provide English, Math, Science, Languages, Computers, Coding and Art competitions and Assessments. Most of the international competitions and assessments are from Australia, US, UK, Europe, Germany, Italy and other Asian countries. We will represent and collaborate more competitions and assessments in order to bring more selections to schools, students and parents. We would like to offer the reasonable fees of competition and assessments in order to encourage students to explore themselves and motivate their learning during the pandemic. Please read the last few pages of this info pack to join in our affiliate programme to be our testing centres and partners. 

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